Liam Neeson Was Only Kidding About Dating ‘Incredibly Famous’ Woman

It was just a joke!

Liam Neeson sent the whole of the internet into a tizzy recently when he commented to the Irish Independent that he was dating an “incredibly famous” woman and that he didn’t want to reveal her name to avoid embarrassing her. Well it turns out it was just an off-the-cuff comment and not true.

“He was joking with an Irish journalist while conducting an interview promoting a documentary, and the humorous tone of that statement did not translate in the printed version of the interview,” a rep for Neeson exclusively told People.

He may have been joking but the media firestorm that followed was no laughing matter. The story was picked up by countless outlets and Twitter came alive with fans theorizing as to which talented woman had captured the Oscar winner’s heart; Charlize Theron, Susan Sarandon and Kristen Stewart were just a few names thrown around.

So, yeah, moral of the story: Liam Neeson might be single. Get it, ladies!