Sarah Paulson Named Her Wigs on the Set of ‘American Crime Story’

Lesson one in method acting.

Sarah Paulson of American Crime Story caught up with Ben Lyons on the latest episode of IMDb Asks to chat about her experience portraying Marcia Clark, the head prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial. It turns out that the two women were able to bond over common ground when they first met face-to-face.

I thought her hair was horrible. She thought her hair was horrible,” said Paulson. Lyons laughed at her blunt distaste for the ‘do, but the American Horror Story actress alleges that Clark was the first to point out the pink elephant in the room.

“The first time I met her she said, ‘I want to apologize for the hair.’ That’s the first thing she said to me,” recalls Paulson. “Look, she was trying to put a man she believed to be guilty of murdering two innocent people behind bars so what she looked like was really ancillary to the task at hand.”

Paulson reveals that she had four wigs for the role and designated a name to each one. “Winston, Gerard, Shorty and Miss Perfect,” she explains.

She tells Lyons that she’s built quite a collection of props throughout her roles. “I kept my cane as Cordelia which was made of a shark’s spine,” lists Paulson. “I kept my Lana pin from Lana Winters. I kept Marcia’s Lighter. I kept Sally’s lighter which was apparently also Charlie Hunnam’s lighter [from Sons of Anarchy].”

And as for working with Lady Gaga on Horror Story?

“I think she had been a fan of the show and so she was very excited and made us all feel like we were the rockstars actually”

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