Adele Reveals the Drawbacks Of Weight Loss

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The “Hello” singer doesn’t want the businessman-turned-politician using her tunes on the campaign trail

The singe’s encountered a bit of a problem since dropping a couple of pounds.

Adele is showing off her newly svelte figure on the March cover of Vogue, where she reveals how she dropped the weight, and the problem she never expected to have.

CREDIT: Courtey of Annie Leibovitz/ VOGUE

The singer initially dropped a few pounds back in 2011, after her vocal cord surgery forced her to ban certain foods and drinks from her diet. In addition to all of the foods and drink she has to avoid to preserve her voice, along with quitting smoking, the singer wanted to get healthy before going on tour. “I was trying to get some stamina for my tour,” she said, “so I lost a bit of weight.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz/ VOGUE

Even though dropping a couple of pounds was nothing more than a byproduct of her healthier lifestyle, it has presented a slight problem for the singer. “Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes—which is really a big problem for me!” she said laughing off her new shopping habits.

Head over to Vogue to check out the entire story.

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