WATCH: Alison Brie Admits She Peed Herself on the Set of ‘Mad Men’

Dave Franco and Alison Brie Are Engaged
Dave Franco and Alison Brie are getting married!

Alison Brie got real about her role on Mad Men.

The How to Be Single star appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night (Feb. 11, 2016) and revealed a huge secret. She accidentally once peed all over her vintage Trudy Campbell undergarments and still went on with the scene she was scheduled to film. Here’s how it all went down:

“I just start peeing and I can’t really hear the pee hitting the toilet,” she recounted. “So I realized I missed [pulling aside] my underwear. They didn’t quite make it out of the way and I just did a full pee. It was not a slight trickle, there was no stopping it in the middle.”

After her story, Seth Meyers asked what we’re all thinking: Did anyone notice? Brie said that following her scene, she was approached by the show’s costume designer. “She came in and she was like, ‘Do you hate your costume? You look so uncomfortable,’” she said. “I was like, there’s pee, I peed everywhere! And she said, ‘It happens more often than you think.’”

Watch Alison Brie tell the hilarious story in the video above.