Cristiano Ronaldo Is Shirtless and Covered in Paint for Your Viewing Pleasure

Cristiano Ronaldo's Un-Retouched Photos
This is what a shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo looks like without help from Photoshop.

Hello, hot stuff!

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking all kinds of fine in his latest campaign for his CR7 underwear line. To celebrate his fifth collection, the soccer star is — natch — stripping down to his signature boxer briefs to star in the label’s latest ads.

“It was really fun and it was good to be taken out of my comfort zone,” he says in a press release about the shoot, which features paint powder being tossed onto his chiseled body. “I do a lot of shoots but this really was something that I’ve never done before and I didn’t know what to expect! At first I was nervous – it’s not every day that you have people throwing coloured pigments at you — but after five minutes I felt completely at home!”

He continues, “By the end of the shoot it was everywhere — in my hair, all over my body, in my eyes! But it was a lot of fun and I love the final result.”

We’ll say! Click through the gallery below for more shots from the shoot.