WATCH: Kristen Wiig is Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning on Jimmy Fallon

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T.J. Miller chats about his shock top Super Bowl ad and living in the moment.

Peyton Manning turned up to Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show to answer some post-Super Bowl questions.

Actually, it was SNL alum, Kristen Wiig, doing her best Peyton impersonation in a head-to-toe Denver Broncos uniform and short wig.

The Bridesmaids actress did her best to answer questions posed to her in character, although it was hilariously clear that she was making up most of her answers.

In answer to her thoughts seconds before the end of the Super Bowl, Kristen said:

I’m thinking, I’m so far from the line. I’m so far away from the line and I have to get it to the—I gotta do it! I gotta get this ball to the guy.

Answering off the cuff, she said her favorite pre-game meal was french fries and toast, her favorite band was Maroon 5, her favorite clothing was Sears and her nickname for her wife was “Kooky.”

In closing, Kristen had this to say to “her fans:”

It’s been a tough season and I know some of you didn’t think I would make it this far. I guess that wouldn’t technically make you fans still. But I just want to say thanks for hanging in and all the letters. Thank you.