WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Is a ‘Motherf*cker’ and an ‘Asswipe’ in ‘The Boss’ Trailer

‘The Boss’ Trailer
Melissa McCarthy is a brassy, ballsy redhead.

Prepare for a shitstorm of swear words.

The red band trailer for Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming comedy, The Boss, is finally out. To no one’s surprise, the restricted teaser is filled with tons of cussing by everyone from Oscar winner Kathy Bates to McCarthy herself.

Also starring Kristen Bell, the movie centers around Michelle Darnell (McCarthy), a business tycoon who is sent to jail for insider trading. After leaving prison penniless, the moves in with a former employee and takes over a local Girl Scouts-like troop as a way to rebuild her financial empire.

The script was co-written by McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone.

The Boss hits theaters April 8.