14 Swoonworthy Audiobooks Read by Celebs to Use as Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Show your partner that you care by giving them something to listen to other than your complaints.

It’s February 13th and your loved one is weirdly silent at the dinner table. Is it their birthday? Their mother’s birthday?? No, you dweeb—it’s Valentine’s Day Eve.

Instead of spending $4.99 on a card that will inevitably turn into a gum wrapper, why don’t you gift your significant other with a romantic audiobook from Audible to get them in the mood? It can literally be purchased instantly in the event that you’re reading this while panicking inside of the bathroom while an empty-handed storm brews outside. Try selections narrated by delectable babes including Tom Hiddleston, Rob Lowe, and Claire Danes.

Your Tinder profile said that you’re a “book worm”. Now would be the time to prove it.

Launch the gallery below to browse all 14 titles.