Did Rob Kardashian Just Throw Shade at His Girlfriend Blac Chyna?

Is Blac Chyna Preying on Rob Kardashian?
He is in a vulnerable place right now, and Blac Chyna knows it.

We sense some trouble in paradise. 

It may only be a little more than a month that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are dating, but their relationship could already be over. At least that’s what his Instagram is suggesting. The reality star took to his social media on Saturday (Feb. 13, 2016) to post a very cryptic message. The photo, which reads “When you don’t care if she’s faking it in bed ’cause you faked everything to get her there,” may or may not be throwing shade at his girlfriend.

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What does this mean? Last we checked, the two were reportedly engaged, living together, and making a porno. Rob — who’s known to throw subtle shade on social media without clarification — has once again left us all wondering what his post could possibly mean.