Justin Timberlake Does ‘The Carlton’ Dance with Alfonso Ribeiro Again

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dance lives on.

Justin Timberlake got to dance the iconic “Carlton” dance with the man who made it so famous, Alfonso Ribeiro. During a golf tournament in Pebble Beach, Calif., on Saturday (Feb. 13, 2016), the pair paused their game, quieted the crowd and busted out their moves. Even though Tom Jones’ classic “It’s Not Unusual” wasn’t playing, it was still awesome and caused the crowd to go wild. There was exactly the right amount of hip-swaying and arm-swinging as the original.

The best part? This isn’t the first time this happens. The golf buddies also performed the dance at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada last July. Hopefully this will become a tradition every time they get together.

Watch the magically nostalgic moment below.