2016 Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga’s David Bowie Tribute Was Out of This World

Lady Gaga gave the “Starman” a fitting send off with a larger-than-life performance at the Grammys.

Incorporating cutting edge technology and several of David Bowie’s songs, Gaga brought down the house with her tribute to the rock icon. She sang “Space Oddity,” “Changes,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Suffragette City,” “Rebel Rebel,” “Fashion,” “Fame,” “Under Pressure,” “Let’s Dance,” and “Heroes,” in that order.

Although the performance didn’t incorporate anything from Bowie’s last 25 years or so, it was still one of the longest segments of the awards show.

Mama Monster, looking very much like Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, tore threw the medley with gusto. The performance also featured striking, sometimes terrifying images being projected onto the songstress, making all the Bowie-ness even more surreal!

Gaga recently got Bowie’s face tattooed on her side, so clearly this wasn’t just another performance for the singer.