Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: Celebrate the Grammys with the elit by Stolichnaya Gilded Grammy Martini

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The 58th Annual Grammy Awards are around the corner...

It is time to toast the Grammys!

In a special edition of Celebuzz Cocktail Hour, we are featuring an amazing drink featuring elit by Stolichnaya — the Gilded Grammy Martini.

If you’re not familiar with Stolichnaya, the vodka is a product of tireless precision from grain to bottle, elit by Stolichnaya elevates centuries of vodka tradition to the fine art of ultra-luxury vodka.

elit by Stolichnaya

elit by Stolichnaya is distinguished from other vodkas by the freeze-filtration process, where the liquid is brought to precisely -18º C before passing through an ion-charged filter. The result is an understated and uniquely creamy vodka, void of any imperfections.

Achieved through an obsession with accuracy and this unique freeze-filtration, elit is the ultimate expression of vodka luxury. From its visible luminosity in the glass to its weighty, rolling mouth-feel, elit exerts a presence unlike any other vodka.

Check out the drink recipe below for the Gilded Grammy Martini featuring elit by Stolichnaya.


Gilded Grammy Martini

Gilded Grammy Martini featuring elit by Stolichnaya


3 parts elit by Stolichnaya
Gold flake garnish

Pour elit into a mixing glass with ice and stir until ice cold. Strain and serve up. Garnish with 24 karat gold flake.