Justin Bieber Just Can’t Stop Randomly Performing, Here’s His Best Impromptu Shows

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Let’s recap all the times the Biebz decided to take the stage without warning.

Justin Bieber is a guy who enjoys the simple things in life: Instagram models, a fleet of sports cars, brushes with the law, and captivating an unsuspecting audience with a surprise performance.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say no modern singer enjoys charming a room with a spontaneous song as often as the “Sorry” singer. Though, it could just be the sheer number of camera phones near Bieber…at all times.

In just the last year or so alone, Justin has taken the mic on numerous occasions to thrill crowds large and small with his impressive skills. Let’s review…

In January 2015, Bieber took the stage unannounced at the State Social Club in L.A. where he brought down the house with a decidedly un-Bieber acoustic performance. He played four songs showcasing that, under the headlines and controversy, he’s got a powerhouse voice.

In May of last year, Justin took the stage at the W Hollywood Hotel Jazz Night by Jin&Quinn where he performed a rousing rendition of Boyz II Men’s hit track “I’ll Make Love to You.” He also either did pushups or attempted “The Worm” dance move mid-performance. Either way, classic Biebz.

Okay, this one isn’t so much a performance as it is Justin Bieber singing along to his own songs, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind! The singer took the stage at Miami’s LIV nightclub in December 2015 where he made the crowd’s night dancing and crooning to his own tracks, finally culminating in a confetti shower to his hit “Sorry.”

Soon after, Bieber popped up in Laguna Beach, California where he sang a reggae version of Drake’s song “Hotline Bling” to an enamored audience. Justin seems to be at his best when he leaves his comfort zone musically.

Justin isn’t just about that Hot 100 life. The pop singer also likes to dabble in classical music when the mood is right. Someone captured video of Bieber playing some Beethoven in the Beverly Hills hotel where he often stays. Enjoy!

Last month, Mr. Bieber took the stage at West Hollywood’s posh 1OAK nightclub to perform along with his track “What Do You Mean?” In a telling moment, the crooner asked the audience, “How many people thought you would like Justin Bieber?” Oh, and he also rapped with Tyga

Any fave impromptu performances that weren’t included? Big thanks to TMZ for all the clips!