Meet L2M, The New Faces of Girl Power

Up-and-coming girl group L2M just debuted the music video for their first single, “Girlz” and it rocks. 

The group is made up of five girls, Mariangeli, McKenzie, Tati, Jenna and Lexi, ages 11-12, who bring their spunk and talent to their music and their choreography. They’ve been performing for most of their lives and say they love every minute of it.

L2M sat down with Celebuzz! and gave an exclusive interview about their new video, their music, and what’s next for them.

“We’ve been working on a lot of music and an album will be out to you guys soon,” said McKenzie.

The girls are signed by Warner Brothers and produced the song “Girlz” for the new movie Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life

“It’s about five best friend the Lego Girls, and it’s upbeat its cheerful and it shows best friends together making music,” said Tati.

The cartoon movie was released on February 2 and the girls love the message of friendship and being who you are. The song “Girlz” is “performed” by the five main characters in the movie, and L2M are big fans.

“What I like about the movie is that the characters are just normal girls that made their dreams come true,” said Jenna.

The girls believe that people will be obsessed with the Lego Friends movie.

“Each girl in the movie is different so people all over the world can relate to them,” said Mariangeli.

Just like the characters in the movie, each of the members of L2M bring their own special talents to the group. Mariangeli is singing Youtube sensation with over a million views, McKenzie has experience acting for Disney, Tati is a choreographer and rapper, Lexi hopes to one day own her own fashion line and Jenna is a star softball player.

Even though they have a hit song in a movie, they still say they are regular pre-teen girls, with chores and all. They also have a major love for Justin Bieber and say that they listen to his album Purpose all the time.

The girls want to continue their careers in the music industry and want to inspire others with that dream to do the same.

“My advice to anyone who wants to get into the music industry is to work very hard and never give up,” said Lexi.

You can follow L2M on Instagram @L2MOfficial or visit their website at

Check out L2M’s first ever single and music video, “Girlz,” above!