There’s a Video Game About Leonardo DiCaprio Winning an Oscar

18 Reasons Leonardo DiCaprio Is Due for An Oscar
For the love of Jack Dawson, just give him one.

You — yes, you — can now help Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar.

Fans can now aid the actor on his quest to (finally) nab that Academy Award thanks to Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage. Made by fine folks at The Line Animation, the arcade-styled game allows players to become DiCaprio as he runs down the red carpet to get his hands on the coveted award that has eluded him all his life, racing past fellow nominees like Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne while dodging photographers, icebergs, and the elbow-grazing Lady Gaga.

Other bonus levels in the game include helping DiCaprio write his acceptance speech and picking out the black Oscar nominee in the crowd (which you will fail because it has been rigged to reflect the actual reality that is #OscarsSoWhite).

Internet: 1. Leo’s Oscar count: Still 0.

Leonardo DiCaprio game
CREDIT: The Line Animation