North West Is Officially Over Her Glamorous Lifestyle

There’s only so much a 3-year-old can handle.

Just in case you thought otherwise, there is no other 3-year-old on the planet that lives a more glamorous life than North West. She’s got front row seats to all of the hottest fashion shows, a custom curated wardrobe and goes to Disneyland whenever she wants. But North is here to let you know her life is not all fur coats and chocolate pancakes, in fact, it can get quite stressful.

Over the weekend, while lounging casually in her fur coat, North aired her grievances to mom Kim Kardashian, namely, she’s sick of the constant photos.


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While North’s aunt Kendall Jenner seems to think her pleas are adorable, it seems like the toddler means business. If Kardashian is smart she’ll heed her daughters requests before we have another Kanye West on our hands.