WATCH: Lily-Rose Depp Is a Little Creeped out that Johnny Depp Kept Her Hair After a Haircut

Celebrity parents: They’re just as awkward as ours.

It comes as no surprise that Lily-Rose Depp was raised in a non-conventional household by her non-conventional dad, the elusive Johnny DeppThe daughter of Vanessa Paradis recalls a most embarrassing instance in a video on Vanity and VF’s channel on The Scene where she and other celebs recount the weird things that their parents did during their childhoods.”

“When I got bangs in fourth grade, which was not the move by the way, they kept the hair that came off,” she says. “I think it says like ‘Lily-Rose Bangs’ or something on the plastic bag. So that’s kinda weird.”

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Watch more of these hilarious celebrity confessionals in the video below.