WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Crashes a Press Junket to Interview Hugh Jackman

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Ryan Reynolds has just attained a massive milestone in his life: Sexiest Dad Alive

Ryan Reynolds asks Hugh Jackman all the hard-hitting questions in this hilarious clip!

Reynolds might be having the best week of his life. After a decade trying to get a Deadpool movie made, he finally did, and it was a runaway hit at the box office over the weekend. Well, his fellow onscreen superhero Jackman is doing promotional work for the inspirational sports film Eddie the Eagle, and Ryan decided to stop by a press junket and kinda, sorta, not really interview the Aussie star.

Reynolds asked some serious, thoughtful questions like, “Many actors enjoy performing their own stunts, do you do all your own acting?” and “Do you ever age?” Reynolds also asked questions from fans, but one from a “Blake Lively” sounded less like a question and more like a confirmation for a clandestine hotel visit with the X-Men star…

Watch these two attempt to out-charm each other in the amazing clip above!