WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Talks Naked, Fiery Fight Scene in ‘Deadpool’ with Ellen Degeneres

“I kinda got an idea of what it’s like to work in the adult film industry…”

Ryan Reynolds confessed to Ellen Degeneres that filming his newest blockbuster hit Deadpool was incredibly insightful…when it came to getting naked in front of his cast and crew.

Degeneres remarked, “Naked. There’s nothing not a sock. Nothing.”

Nope, just Reynolds, in the buff.

Bottom line: “I’m not above taking my clothes off for money,” Reynolds added.

Reynolds was joking, of course, but the fight scene in question was nonetheless super intense. Not only did it take 8 hours for makeup artists to apply the prosthetic makeup to him, but the actual scene took another 15 hours to shoot – not to mention, it was set amidst a fiery blaze and (since he was nude and all) he had to be careful to protect all of his body parts.

The 39-year-old actor also opened up about his and Blake Lively’s daughter James, who apparently recognizes him in the Deadpool costume around NYC. He commented,

She is running around talking and having a ball…She has a few words in her vocabulary. She sees me all over the place. Because right now the Deadpool advertising is everywhere. So when we go to New York City it’s on top of the cab and she’ll be like “dada. dada. dada. Dada” I don’t know how she, I mean I’m in a mask, but yeah she knows that’s me so.

While on the Ellen Show, Reynolds also took a turn in the dunk tank for his favorite charity, the Make a Wish Foundation. Hear him passionately speak about the foundation and see him help raise money ($25,000!) for it by getting dunked in the video below:

Watch Reynolds speak about Deadpool in the video above.