WATCH: Tyga Blames Fire Marshal for Paul McCartney Getting Turned Away from Grammys After Party

Okay folks, Tyga says Sir Paul McCartney getting turned away at the door of his Grammys after party wasn’t his fault. And to his credit, he really didn’t have any control over who was and was not let in to the Argyle nightclub.

Tyga went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (Feb. 16) to explain that he had no idea McCartney, aka the infamous Beatles member and knighted musician, was at the door with Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, trying to get in.

“I wish I woulda knew he was outside,” he said. “I woulda went out there with the mic, brought him in, perform ‘Rack City’ with me.”

Lol, sure.

He also added that it wasn’t actually his party, that he was just inside performing: “No. I actually got paid to go and perform. I really had no knowledge of what was going on. I just showed up.”

“Tweet the fire marshal, don’t tweet me,” the 26-year-old rapper joked. Since the incident, he’s been facing a heavy amount of backlash on social media, and issued a response earlier in the day on Twitter:

Kimmel then asked him if he apologized to McCartney. Tyga referenced his tweets, noting that McCartney probably didn’t see them, though. He then invited McCartney to an upcoming show: “I have a show coming up, February 26th at the Nokia Theatre. So, Paul, if you’re watching this, I would love for you to come. I’ll personally walk you in!”

But is he worried about a future diss track?

Nope: “I don’t think so. He’s pretty OG in the game.”


McCartney, it’s your move.