WATCH: Adele and Ellen Degeneres Throw Jamba Juice Employees for a Loop in Funniest Prank Ever

Not only is Adele insanely picky when it comes to what she wants from Jamba Juice, she loves to chomp on raw wheat grass, gets the shakes when she hasn’t had a drink in hours, and is totally fine reminding people that “money is no object.”

Well, that is, when Ellen Degeneres is in her head.

Adele and Ellen confuse the heck out of some poor, unsuspecting Jamba Juice employees in the newest episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show (also during which Adele confesses she cried all day after her audio difficulty-riddled Grammys performance).

Highlights of Adele’s prank include:

  • The line, “money is no object, alright” to which the sweet employee responds, “I believe it.”
  • Calling for her “assistant” Simone, who is standing right next to her.
  • Pulling scissors out of her purse, cutting off her own portion of wheat grass, and then proceeding to chew on it raw like a “deer in a forest.”
  • Making deer sounds.
  • Asking for an XS or XL size, then ordering a Large in a Small cup.
  • Telling the employees about Swishy Chug.
  • Rejecting every flavor option.
  • Swigging some Disaronno, after being told they couldn’t put it in her wheat grass shot.
  • Dumping out her purse to reveal knives and Twizzlers.
  • Asking to get her order for free because she’s a celebrity.

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