Caitlyn Jenner Is Launching a Beauty Line, Reveals She Gets More ‘Flack’ for Being Republican than Transgender

Caitlyn Jenner is following in daughter Kylie Jenner’s footsteps.

The 66-year-old Olympian has filed a trademark for exclusive rights to create a beauty line under her name, according to TMZ. Her new project isn’t just limited to cosmetics, either: “Jenner’s application covers fragrances, makeup remover, nail polish, and skin care,” the website reveals. It’s still in the early stages, though. TMZ reports that she doesn’t yet know how exactly she’s going to execute the line, just that she “wanted to secure the trademark before anyone else got the idea.”

As we well know, Kylie’s lip kit is massively popular, selling out in seconds every time there’s a new release. She’s now expanding her beauty empire by breaking into the nail polish biz.

Joined by her Vanity Fair and forthcoming memoir author Buzz Bissinger, the former Olympian gave a talk yesterday (Feb. 17) at the University of Pennsylvania, where she commented that she often gets more “flack” for being Republican than she does for being transgender. When asked why she wasn’t a Democrat (due to the party’s support for LGBT and transgender rights), she explained, “I have gotten more flack for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans.”

Bissinger then noted, “Just because you change gender doesn’t mean you change your core beliefs.”

According to GossipCop, Jenner also became emotional when speaking about her father, who passed before she came out. She explained that she likes to imagine her dad is thinking, “You know what, you’re doing a good job. You’re making a difference.”

Of course, Jenner also insisted she wasn’t a “role model”: “I’m so new to this community,” she commented. “I don’t expect to be one.”

Lastly, she debunked the claim that she only came out for the fame and money that it would bring: “I don’t need the money. So I don’t understand that claim. No one who transitions for financial gain. No way.”

Jenner’s memoir is slated for a Spring 2017 release.