This Is Why Lady Gaga Will Never Be a Fashion Designer

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Kanye West may have done it, but don’t expect Lady Gaga to ever pour her millions into making a fashion line.

Though the Mother Monster has become somewhat of a style icon in the the industry, she’s in no hurry to ever put her name on a label of a dress or shirt. In fact, unlikely her contemporaries, she hopes to never become a fashion designer.

“The thing is, at the end of the day, I have a real respect for fashion designers, and it is the reason I don’t have my own line and I probably never will,” she tells the Daily Beast. “If I ever do anything in fashion it’s always going to be as a muse or aesthetic creative. I like to be part of helping artists find themselves and feel good about who they are. I would never, for a second, claim to be a proficient fashion designer.”

“It’s about the relationships you build with artists, and them knowing you support them on the deepest philosophical level about their work and what they’re making,” she continues about being perfectly content sitting on the sidelines watching pals like Donatella Versace and Brandon Maxwell work. “When I can go to a show and feel a connection with the artist then watch it and really learn something—this is what profoundly changes me.”

Recently, Gaga graced the Grammys stage wearing a number by Maxwell while paying tribute to late singer David Bowie. She was later seen attending the designer’s runway show for New York Fashion Week.

“He was with me when I got off. He dressed me for the rest of the night before he left. He got in the car and came to New York to do his show. I got on a plane right after to meet here,” she says of her friend. “He didn’t drop one ball anywhere. He’s very clear on what he wants, and he’s got that sort of Zen quality about him.”

“When I see Brandon draping, and I see him with his music on and he’s dancing and smoking cigarettes and crying and drawing—it’s beautiful to watch, he’s an artist,” she adds. “It’s not for him [about] being famous, or being in fashion. It’s about that he would not survive as a human being if he couldn’t create, and now he just wants to use his voice in the world to give more women beautiful things to wear.”

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