Ryan Reynolds Says He Once Had a Terrifying Encounter with a Dead Horse While Looking for a Place to Pee

The movie star is really beating a dead horse with this story…

Ryan Reynolds paid a visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday where he shared a pretty horrific story. The Deadpool star enjoys taking long, cross-country motorcycle rides, but one such journey brought about one of the worst experiences of his life, we’re assuming.

While riding from Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the leading man stopped on the side of the road to, you know, urinate, when he smelled something.

“There was this God awful stench,” he told Corden and fellow guest Katie Holmes. This was about the time the 39-year-old found a deadpool of his own…

“I jumped down into this little ravine and I realized as soon as I jumped in there, I jumped into a dead horse like up to my knees.”


Apparently People’s recently crowned Sexiest Dad Alive had stumbled upon a dead horse carcass. Forget stumbled upon. Ryan Reynolds was wading through a dead horse carcass.

“I didn’t even want to get rid of my pants,” the actor said. “I wanted to go to a hospital and have my legs cut off.”

Holmes, not forgetting why this whole chance encounter came about, asked Reynolds, “Did you pee on the dead horse?”

“I didn’t pee!” he replied. “You just suck it up and you step out. That changes you.”