WATCH: Katie Holmes and Ryan Reynolds Determine Who the Best Kisser Was on ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Let’s get to the bottom of this one.

During a mature roundtable discussion with Katie Holmes, Judd Apatow and Ryan Reynolds on The Late Late ShowJames Corden sought to settle the burning inquiry as to who the best kisser was on the set of Dawson’s CreekCorden gave Holmes the option to choose between James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson. Holmes laughed it off coyly.

“Who do you think?” she asked Corden.

Corden replied without second thought. “I think Der Beek,” he said. “Because I would get straight up in his grill.”

Reynolds chimed in with his guess that was based on personal experience. “I went to high school with Josh, and I can tell you right now, he’s a terrific kisser,” he added.

Corden settled the score. “So it’s affirmative!” Corden exclaimed. “Pacey’s better than Dawson! I can’t believe it!”


Listen to Holmes discuss her first on-screen kiss, and listen to their smooch debate in the video at the top of the page.