WATCH: Teenage Jennifer Lopez Twerk on Jimmy Fallon

What can’t that ass do?

Last night (Feb. 17, 2016), Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and proved that she’s always been amazing, even as a whiny teenager. Lopez appeared alongside host Jimmy Fallon in the hilarious skit Ew!, where Fallon reprised his role as Sara and Lopez played his, er, her BFF Gabby.

Gabby, dressed in a fuzzy sweater and pigtails, and Sara with her signature blonde locks and dress, begin by talking about every teenagers obsession: SnapChat. To Gabby’s horror, her dad has not only joined Snap, but had the audacity to friend her — EW!  “His username is Snapdaddy123,” Lopez complained. “Can I live?!”

After playing around with Snap’s insane filters, Sara suggests a talent show. She starts by balancing a spoon on her face, but Gabby is shy when it’s her turn. Luckily, it only takes a few words of encouragement from Sara to get Gabby going, and then Jenny from the Block shows us what she’s really made of.

Launch the video up top to watch the hilarious clip.