Instant Follow Friday: Broad City’s Yas Queen Goddesses Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

With the return of Broad City on television earlier this week, everything in life seems to be okay again (at least for the next couple months…i.e. the duration of season 3).

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana GlazerBroad City’s creators and powerhouse comics who also happen to be our #WCW’s week after week, first started Broad City as a webseries. Now, with its cult following in tow, it’s one of the best shows to watch on Comedy Central with Seasons 4 and 5 already confirmed.

Broad City is one of the best (perhaps the best) depictions of New York City life for the twenty-something-year-old woman, and watching it is like seeing you and your BFF keeping it real on screen. From having to trek to the ends of the earth (aka North Brother Island) to recover a missed package to trying to buy/steal back an air conditioner to hanging out in St. Marks, Broad City really makes NYC recognizable as a force of (often sassy) nature of its own. In the end, all you’ve got are your friends, your crappy roommates, your bad dates and your shenanigans. In that case, you’d best make every moment a yas queen memory.

abbi jacobson ilana glazer broad city gif
CREDIT: Tumblr

If you haven’t watched the first episode of Season 3 yet, entitled “Two Chainz,” please do so this weekend. Consider it required watching. Here’s the amazing opening sequence from the first episode, featuring that thing we use every day, the toilet:

In honor of Abbi and Ilana, be sure to check out the best of their Instagrams in the gallery above and follow them @abbijacobson and @ilanusglazer.