Britney Spears Met Hillary Clinton, Endorsed Her for President, Then Awkwardly Took it Back

Britney Spears just isn’t ready to be political right now, y’all.

The pop singer met with Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Vegas yesterday (Feb. 18), and seemingly endorsed her on Instagram with the hashtag #ImWithHer.

Then, she deleted it.

Now, as we all well know by our official Britney Spears Guide to Life, Britney’s Instagram is a whirlwind of emotions and weirdness. So of course her Instagram is the place where a hashtag suddenly becomes at the center of a political controversy.

Here are the (awkward, per usual) photos in question.

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

And here’s the “Piece of Me” singer’s original caption, according to the Daily Mail:

daily mail britney spears endorses hillary clinton for president
CREDIT: Britney Spears Instagram/Daily Mail

Unconfirmed as to whether or not the hashtag deletion can be viewed as Spears’ withdrawn endorsement for the former Secretary of State, or just a simple parsing down of the caption so as to remain neutral.

#ImWithHer is the hashtag Clinton’s supporters use to show that they’re (duh) standing with her, and voting for her in the upcoming election. Clinton’s celebrity supporters include: Kendall Jenner, Lena Dunham, John Legend, America Ferrera, Olivia Wilde, Uzo Aduba, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, and many more.

I guess we can probably count Britney amongst that group too?