Azealia Banks, Bored with the Music Industry, Decides to Start a Beef with Rihanna

Someone’s craving boeuf boring-non.

Alleged nipple biter Azealia Banks was bored with the state of the music industry on Monday evening (Feb. 22) and decided that the best way to make things interesting would be to start a Twitter feud with Rihanna over her latest music video for “Work“, starring bat mitzvah singer, Drake.

Her Twitter rant began with a photo:

“Music is honestly so f**king trash and boring,” she wrote. “Let’s start a f**king beef and make sh*t interesting.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Banks went after Rihanna by comparing her video to Beyonce’s 2002 track.

“Work video reminds me of baby boy video with Sean Paul except not as fly,” she wrote. 

Banks went on to call other female rap artists up to bat. “All these f**king pill popping divas doing the LEAST and the sh*t is boring. Get these hoes a coffee and a pair of boxing gloves.”

Banks has previously used her Twitter account to call out Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga and Kreayshawn. Launch the gallery at the top of the page to view photos of Rihanna getting her drink on in the streets of Santa Monica.