Henry Cavill Has No Problem Taking Pictures with Fans in Bars, But: ‘They’re Going to Get a Photo of Me Drunk’

Saving the world and catching happy hour. All in a day’s work for a superhero.

Henry Cavill chatted with DuJour Magazine recently about his role in the highly anticipated film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the English actor also took the opportunity to weight in on celebrity and his refusal to worry about appearances all the time.

“You’ve got to be worried about this shit getting to your head,” Cavill said of fame. “It’s enormously flattering, but I’m not going to throw all my eggs in that basket.”

The 32-year-old went on to state that fans approaching him in public, or in a bar is okay, but it’s not going to stop him from living his life.

“If people want to take a photo, that’s fine. But they’re going to get a photo of me drunk.”

While it’s certainly true that since donning the big S, Cavill has acquired more than a little celebrity, but the movie star is quick to point out that that isn’t why he wants to perform.

“Do you want to be famous? Then you shouldn’t be an actor. If you’re trying to be famous, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun. You might as well apply for [the reality series] Big Brother.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters March 25, 2016.