WATCH: Stephen Colbert and Casey Affleck Have the Most Awkward Interview Ever

Stephen Colbert: The First 'Late Show' Almost Didn't Happen
We always knew this guy had a different sense of humor.

You can cut the tension with a knife.

Casey Affleck almost got into a fist fight with Stephen Colbert when he appeared on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Triple 9 this week. The interview started off on the wrong foot when Colbert made a sarcastic remark about Affleck, who was unshaved and wore a sports coat with khakis, “dressing up” for the TV appearance.

“I can’t tell if this choice was the least celebrity thing to do or the most celebrity thing to do because it’s very casual,” Colbert joked to an amused Affleck. “You really look like a street corner Jesus.”

The two then goes on to jokingly-but-not-really bicker about Affleck’s cup of water, which the actor was hesitant to take a drink out of.

“It’s just water. Did you want something better than water?” Colbert asked. “We should probably end up fighting at the end of this. It feels like this is where this is going. Like bare-knuckle boxing.”

“You wanna fight me?” Affleck retorted.

“No, but it feels like this feels this is where it’s going,” Colbert told his guest, before admitting to Affleck that he’s only seen “an hour and ten minutes” of his latest film because he “had to stop and help my son with his science project.”

Oof. Find out how Affleck reacted to that little jab in the video above.