Kanye West Goes on Second Twitter Rant of the Day, Announces New Album

Another day, another Yeezy rant.

Apparently Kanye West didn’t get all of his feelings out during his early morning Twitter rant because he’s back for more. This time, Yeezus is coming for the Grammys (again), declaring his sanity and promising new music.

West’s rant started with a request to meet with Neil Portnow, the CEO of the Grammys to address a few issues he believes to be crucial. Namely, unlike he previously stated, he does this the Grammys are important but thinks artists like Future and 2 Chains need a fair shot.


West went on to let everyone know, despite recent reports of his family being worried about his well being, he is not, in fact, crazy.


Yeezy, then, sticking to his promise of #AllPositiveVibes, went on what can only be described as a love rant.

And just in case you forgot, no one loves Kanye the way Kanye loves Kanye.

Oh and by the way, he’s dropping a new album this summer. Casual.

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