WATCH: ‘Damn, Daniel!’ Viral Video Creators Visit ‘Ellen’

Damn, Ellen!

Josh, 15, and his now-famous pal Daniel, 14, paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ show to chat about their enormously popular viral video.

In a bit of inadvertent advertising, the likes of which brands lay awake nights dreaming of, the clip is comprised of young Josh simply commenting on his friend Daniel’s choice of Vans shoes, over and over, most often with a boisterous, “Damn, Daniel!”

The two boys explain to DeGeneres that it really began with one silly video on Josh’s Snapchat story that made his friends laugh. So he kept doing it, then compiled all the shoe-gazing into one clip that has been viewed over 45 million times!

Daniel admitted to the comedian that he’s enjoying the attention he’s getting for the video. “The girls are just a huge bonus out of all this,” the 14-year-old said, grinning from ear to ear. The high school freshman has apparently gotten marriage proposals in the aftermath of his newfound fame.

Although it doesn’t look like the internet celeb will be getting married anytime soon, he will be wearing Vans for the foreseeable future. As in the rest of his life. The talk show host presented Daniel with a lifetime supply from the shoemaker.

Here’s the original video: