WATCH: Gwen Stefani Tells Ellen DeGeneres How Blake ‘Popped the Question’

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Confession Time
Gwen Stefani admits her new love song is exactly who you think it's about.

Gwen Stefani gave Ellen DeGeneres the inside scoop on the latest development in her relationship with Blake Shelton.

During Gwen’s interview with Ellen, the twosome chatted like a bunch of old friends (which they are).

In fact, Gwen revealed that she partied with Ellen the night before her live performance of her music video at the Grammys.

Ellen joked that she texted Gwen about falling while rollerskating to which, Gwen jokingly replied via text, “That was like a double, bitch.”

During her interview, Gwen clarified, “I meant it like ‘bitch, homegirl, come on.’”

As for Gwen and Blake, Ellen teased by asking, “So when he popped the big question…about you being his mentor [on The Voice], how did he do that?”

Gwen laughed it off and replied, “I want to be on that show as much as possible.”

Stefani also treated fans to a live performance of “This Is What The Truth Feels Like.”