Kylie Jenner: I Knew About Caitlyn Jenner ‘My Whole Life’

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That awkward moment when your dad shows up to your date with bae.

Kylie Jenner suspected that her father wanted to be a woman almost ever since she was born.

In her latest interview with Wonderland magazine, theKeeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed that she had suspicions about Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) and her desires to transition into a female but never brought it up to the rest of her family.

“I mean, obviously I knew about it my whole life, but it was never admitted to and then when it was all said and done, I honestly just wanted to not be lied to,” she told the publication. “I just wanted honesty and no secrets. I’m OK with everything, as long as everyone’s honest. I want to encourage people to live their life, you know?”

For Kylie, living her life also includes being honest with the amount of plastic surgery she’s actually had. After spending months dodging rumors, the teen confessed to getting lip fillers last year on an episode of her reality show. Since then, she’s been accused of going under the knife for breast enhancement and rhinoplasty.

So, what’s the truth?

“People think that I’ve had everything done. I thought it was going to chill down when I said: ‘OK, I admit it, I got my lips done, I never lied, I just wasn’t telling the whole truth.’ And then people took that and were like, ‘Oh well, if she got her lips done she probably got everything done,'” she said. “People don’t realize I just turned 18, so there’s no way my mom would ever let me undergo a nose job or a boob job.”

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CREDIT: Richard Kern/Wonderland

“Nobody really knows who I am,” she continued to explain about her personal life. “People think that because we have a reality TV show that they know everything, but it’s like, I’m not filming right now. That’s maybe 5 percent out of my day.”

Previously, Kylie claimed that her bustier curves were the result of a good push-up bra and daily usage of a breast enlargement cream.

Whatever you say, Ky.