Leonardo DiCaprio Will Be Eating Gold at the Oscars Even If He Doesn’t Win an Academy Award

There’s a silver (and gold) lining to every situation.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and all those in attendance of Sunday’s Academy Awards will have the rare opportunity to literally eat the precious metal, served in the form of miniature chocolate Oscars covered with 24-carat gold among other delicious menu items made by Wolfgang Puck at the Governors Ball.

What else is on the menu?

E! Online reports:

Seafood dishes will be prepared using 500 lobsters, about 40 king crabs (at $500 or more a pop!) and 35 whole wild salmon.

His team will also be cooking up 2,000 mini-burgers and a “few thousand” mini donuts, Puck told me at a preview of the Governors Ball.

Get the whole scoop on the big night’s eats over on eonline.com…