20 Years of Oscars Best Picture Winners, Ranked From Best to Worst

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The 88th Annual Academy Awards are around the corner (Sunday, Feb. 28), and the anticipation is building about who will be taking home an Oscar this year. 

There’s one particular question that’s on everyone’s mind: Who will win Best Picture?  The winners of this category in the past have become instant classics and must-sees. Some, however, seemed to go over better with audiences than others.

Celebuzz! ranked the “Best Picture” winners from the past 20 years, from best to worst. At the top of our list were films like No Country for Old Men, The Hurt Locker, Birdman, American Beauty, 12 Years a Slave and Argo, all of which are super entertaining and made major waves in Hollywood.

So who will join the list in 2016? This year’s nominees are The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, Room and Spotlight.

We’ll just have to tune into the 88th Annual Academy Awards to find out who wins!

Check out the gallery above to see where your favorite “Best Picture” ranked on the list!