WATCH: Chris Rock May or May Not Try to Take an Ellen-Sized Selfie at the Oscars

Chris Rock Calls Out the Oscars
Even the host isn't down with the #OscarsSoWhite

How will this year’s Oscars host trump the queen of hosting gigs?

Chris Rock is gearing up for the to emcee the 2016 Academy Awards in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where he reveals his biggest fears about the big night.

“You can do a pretty decent monologue and be funny two or three other times throughout the show. You’ll be fine,” he told the magazine. “If you get off on the wrong foot though, it’s a real hard hole to dig yourself out of.”

The comedian jokes that the only reason they asked him to run the show was because the Academy’s first choice needed a break.

“I’m only here because Ellen didn’t want to do the show,” Rock said of Ellen DeGeneres. “I’m only here because Ellen said no, and I’m sure she said no, like, eight times. She did so good the last time she hosted the show. That’s kind of the standard.”

Still, Rock hasn’t ruled out the idea of taking a gargantuan selfie like DeGeneres did back in 2014. “I guess I could take a selfie,” he says. “My mind isn’t made up. Let’s put it that way.”

His game plan for the evening is still in the works in terms of how the show will flow, but Rock is primarily focusing on what the night is about.

“Right now I’m just concentrating on the movies. You know, what’s the subjects that are big right now in Hollywood.”

The 2016 Academy Awards will air on Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. EST on ABC. Watch Rock’s interview in the video at the top of the page.