2016 Academy Awards: Everything You Need to Know About the Beautiful Alicia Vikander

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In 2015, Alicia Vikander starred in four films, including The Danish Girl and Ex Machina, both which became critically acclaimed success. The Swedish beauty has continued carrying that success into this year’s award season, making splashes into headlines, winning several awards, gracing magazine covers, and marking her spot into red carpet best dressed lists.

Though many are now becoming aware of her A-list status as of late, Vikander is no stranger to the spotlight. The 27-year-old actress is well known in Sweden for her performances in TV dramas, shorts, and films. Her first acting credit was for a TV film in 2002, but her breakout role in the big screen came in 2009 when she starred in the Swedish film Pure as Katarina. She gained even more momentum when she starred in the Danish film A Royal Affair, co-starring Mads Mikkelsen, which earned a nomination for Best Foreign Film at The Academy Awards in 2013. She didn’t land her first English speaking film until 2012 when she played Kitty in Anna Karenina, co-starring Keira Knightley.

By 2015, Vikander was landing more jobs than she would imagine. In its January issue, she told Vogue, “To be quite honest, it’s nerve-racking, the way these films sort of piled up. It’s a mixed feeling when everything you’ve ever wanted in making films is coming true, and yet you feel scared because it’s happening all at once.” She also said that being around people that she has looked up to has pressured her to be doing her best with the opportunities she’s been getting. “You wonder if you’re good, if you have what it takes. You carry an anxiety around with you—I’ve met many actors now who will say this—and the lonely feeling that this could be your one chance.”

However, since it’s been busy a busy past two years for her, Vikander has little to nothing to worry about. The Louis Vuitton ambassador has been building an impressive resume, starring in films along side other top notch actors. In 2014, she played Alice in Seventh Son, which also starred Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore. And in 2015, her career took off with speed. Her most popular roles to date have been Ex Machina, as the artificially intelligent android, Ava. She also starred alongside Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer in the Spy Action flick, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Lastly, she’s being widely recognized due to her performance as Gerda Wegener in The Danish Girl.

Her performances in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl has garnered her popularity this award season. This year she has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Ex Machina at the BAFTA’s and The Golden Globes. She’s also been nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Drama for The Danish Girl at the BAFTA’s, the Globes, The Screen Actors Guild Awards, and The Academy Awards. Along with winning several critic awards this year, she’s already taken home the SAG. Whether she takes home the Oscar this year is still a question. She’s got some strong competition, including Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs and Rooney Mara for Carol.

This year you can spot her on the big screen in the anticipated Jason Bourne film with Matt Damon. She will also star in the adaptation of M.L Stedman’s novel The Light Between Oceans, which also stars her current beau, Michael Fassbender, who she has been dating since 2014. You can check out the trailer below, which was released just a few days ago.

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