2016 Academy Awards: This Year’s Show by the Numbers

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The 88th Annual Academy Awards are rapidly approaching and fans seem to know the nominees backwards and forwards by now. They have their favorites, recognized who was snubbed and are ready to live tweet the show.

So, what don’t these avid movie fans know?

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s Oscar’s by some pretty significant numbers. Some of these facts may actually surprise you.

28: The day that the Oscar’s will take place this year. The show will be on February 28 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on ABC.

3: The number of movies nominated that have a main character named “Joy.” (The films include Joy, Room and Inside Out.)

500: The length of the red carpet outside of the Dolby Theater in feet.

12: The number of nominations The Revenant has, the most of any film this year.

228,000,000: amount of money made by the highest-grossing film among the Best Picture nominees, The Martian.

2: Number of years “#OscarsSoWhite” has been trending during award season.

27: Number of Academy Award nominations by every Star Wars film ever. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is nominated for five awards this year!

1: Number of time Donald Trump‘s #mcm Rob Lowehas appeared in drag at the Academy Awards.

$232,000: The value of the “unofficial” Oscar’s swag bag.¬†

51: The age of Chris Rock, the host of this year’s Academy Awards.

70: The percentage of nominated actors and actresses that have already won an award. (according to Bustle online).

2001: The year the Oscar category “Best Animated Feature” was created. The nominees this year are Inside Out, Anomalisa, Boy and the World, Shaun the Sheep and When Marnie¬†Was There.

72,000,000: The amount of people who tuned into the show last year.

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