2016 Academy Awards: The Celebuzz! Oscars Drinking Game

Your 2016 Academy Awards survival guide.

The Academy Awards may be the most prestigious award show in Hollywood, but if we’re being honest, they’re boring as fuck. Seriously. They’re insufferably long. OMG they’re so long. Like “This Is The Song Thet Never Ends,” long. But since they’re what everyone is going to be talking about on Monday, you have to watch them. So really, there’s only one way to get through them: Alcohol. So let’s get to it.

The following drinking game will get you ripped by hour two, so that next four hours will just fly by. Promise.


Take a Sip:


Anytime Chris Rock makes a joke about #OscarsSoWhit.

Anytime the camera cuts to a white person in the audience who isn’t sure if they’re allowed to laugh at said joke.

Anytime a red carpet host asks “What are you wearing?”

Anytime some references the presidential election.

Anytime a white person wins an Oscar.

Take a Shot:


Anytime someone makes a joke about Donald Trump.

Anytime they cut to a person of color in the audience.

Anytime Jacob Trembley does something adorable.

Anytime someone makes a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio still not having won an Oscar.

Anytime someone gets over emotional during their acceptance speech.

Finish Your Drink:


If Leonardi DiCaprio does not take home the Oscar for Best Actor.

If Jennifer Lawrence trips and falls.

Anytime someone thanks God.

Anytime a selfie with 5+ people is being taken.

If Lady Gaga shouts out Kesha during her performance.

Chug, Chug, Chug:


Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Oscar for Best Actor.

The show is finally over!