WATCH: Ben Affleck Sneaks BFF Matt Damon into ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Interview Despite His So-Called Ban

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What is going on here?!

Ben Affleck showed off his goofy side last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Oscar 2016 special when he strapped his best friend Matt Damon to his chest, hid him underneath an XXXL trench coat, and brought him onto the stage.

Due to Damon’s so-called “ban” from the show, Jimmy Kimmel was none too pleased to see The Martian actor and Best Actor nominee. Longtime fans of the late-night show know the running joke: that Damon is essentially permanently banned from being a guest (their faux-feud began all the way back in 2003).

Affleck tried to play off his new look by blaming it on his Batman V Superman movie saying, “You do the super hero movie and then muscle turns to fat.”

When it was revealed that it was Damon underneath the coat, Affleck suggested, “I just think it’s time to bury the hatchet here.”

Watch what happens when Damon takes a seat on one of the guest couches in the video above.