2016 Academy Awards: Hollywood’s 15 Hottest Men at Last Night’s Oscars and After Parties

Hollywood is prime real estate for some of the world’s most swoonworthy people. In honor of the end of awards season (finally), here are 15 of the most gorgeous men who graced the Oscars red carpet last night, not to mention the many more beautiful creatures who came out to play at the after parties.

1. Tom Hardy

Let us take a moment to thank the gods for this specimen:

tom hardy oscars 2016

Black tie in LA

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2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo finally won his Oscar, and walked the red carpet with his Titanic love Kate Winslet. For those reasons alone, he is #2 on our list.

leonardo dicaprio kate winslet oscars 2016
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3. Michael B. Jordan

The Creed actor continually brings his A-game when it comes to fashion. Last night’s Oscars was no exception, plus, he and Rachel McAdams made a great looking couple:

michael b jordan rachel mcadams oscars 2016
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4. Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga’s arm candy will always be our eye candy.

taylor kinney lady gaga oscars 2016
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5. Liev Schreiber

Schreiber (with Naomi Watts by his side) looked all kinds of steamy last night:

liev schreiber naomi watts oscars 2016
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6. Jon Hamm

We literally swooned by the sight of Hamm, and I don’t think any of us have yet to recover:

jon hamm oscars 2016
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7. Ryan Gosling

Just stop it, Rygo. (Please ignore Russell Crowe):

ryan gosling oscars 2016
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8. Pharrell

Gentlemen (and ladies), anytime anyone bleaches their hair blonde, we’re into it:

pharrell oscars 2016
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9. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Great hair, great style, great lady by his side:

aaron taylor johnson oscars 2016
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10. Henry Cavill

But actually, how much do you now ship Superman and Olivia Pope?

henry cavill kerry washington
CREDIT: Getty Images

11. Aaron Rodgers

Honorary hottie, because even though he’s a football player (QB for Green Bay Packers) and not an actor, we wholeheartedly think him and Olivia Munn are a pair of cuties:

aaron rodgers olivia munn oscars 2016
CREDIT: Getty Images

12. John Legend

Legend and Tiegen will forever be #RelationshipGoals, and I mean duh:

john legend chrissy teigen oscars 2016
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13. Mark Ruffalo

We weren’t sure if Ruffalo was going to show up at all, but since he did, we were happy to see him wearing a custom blue Valentino tuxedo:

mark ruffalo oscars 2016
CREDIT: Getty Images

14. Jared Leto

Day after day, awards show after awards show, we’ve got our eyes on Leto and his ever-evolving hair style and fashion sense:

jared leto oscars 2016
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15. Cheyenne Jackson

The American Horror Story actor (and his husband Jason Landau) made a sexy pair at the Vanity Fair after party:

cheyenne jackson jason landau oscars 2016
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These are our Top 15 hottest men – but see everyone else (Chris Evans, Dev Patel, Michael Fassbender, Jake Gyllenhaal, and more) in the gallery above.