Makeup-Free Monday: Cindy Crawford Is Fresh Faced at 50

Cindy Crawford Clarifies Retirement Announcement
It seems as though the supermodel isn't retiring after all

Cindy Crawford posted this makeup-free (and wrinkle free) selfie to celebrate her 50th (Feb. 20th), and fans can’t help but wonder about the model’s skin care routine and secrets that keep her looking so young.

Crawford is a skincare expert, and it shows. She has her own line of anti-aging skincare products,  Meaningful Beautythat aim to keep skin looking young and fresh. The product line is designed to cleanse, moisturize and pamper skin, keeping it healthy and vibrant.

The supermodel also has her natural remedies in addition to her skincare line. She sat down with Elle in 2014 and explained that in addition to products, she avoids salty foods and wine because they make her skin “puffy.” She also thinks that it is very important to eat right, drink water, get enough sleep and, all around, be a happy person.

“It think the most important thing is, if you’re happy in your life, and you’re doing work that you like, that comes across,” Crawford told Elle, “True beauty is in the energy you give out, and that comes through being happy.”

Check out the gallery above to see Cindy Crawford and other celebrities that went makeup-free in 2016!