Early Oscar Ratings Suggest They Have Fallen Yet Again

Womp womp. The Oscars just can’t get a break.

In spite of their best attempts to keep ratings for the big televised event high (making funnyman Chris Rock the night’s host, Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting his Oscar, et cetera), early reports suggest that they’re actually the lowest in years.

According to Nielson, their preliminary numbers have the 88th annual Academy Awards at a 23.1 household rating among major markets, a 37 share, which is a slight dip from last year.

Entertainment Weekly notes that “if the numbers hold up in the afternoon nationals, this will put Sunday’s Oscar telecast at a seven-year-low, at least.” That being said, EW also notes “last year’s host was Neil Patrick Harris and that telecast had fallen to a six-year low.”

So really, yikes all around.

Rock certainly had people talking with his opening monologue taking a hit right at the Academy in light of the second year of #OscarsSoWhite, but apparently that was not enough to revive the show from its drab character. Especially since, as insiders predicted, indie movies like SpotlightRoomThe Danish Girl and Brooklyn were amongst the top contenders, and viewership tends to hinge on the popularity of the Best Picture titles.