WATCH: Mike Tyson Recalls Catching His Ex Cheating on Him with Brad Pitt

Breaking Hair News: Brad Pitt Pulls an Anderson Cooper
Just when you thought he couldn't get any hotter...

Brad Pitt is one brave guy…

Back in the ’80s, Mike Tyson caught the Pitt romancing his soon-to-be ex-wife, Robin Givens, and decided to confront him about it!

Tyson visited the daytime talk show, The Real, where he told the scandalous story. Apparently, Tyson himself was at Givens’ house hoping for one last roll in the hay before the two started the divorce proceedings. And lo and behold, the young movie star was already there!

The former heavyweight champion said that when he confronted Pitt, the actor was not all that coherent, bumbling and acting silly.

Surprisingly, Tyson said he holds no grudges with The Big Short actor, even calling him “a nice guy.”

Whew…hopefully Brad learned from this incident! You don’t fool around behind the backs of guys who hit people for a living!