WATCH: Ben Affleck Discovers People Like Superman Way More Than Batman

Ben Affleck Talks Batfleck Backlash
Meet the world's most despised Batman.

Poor Batfleck.

To launch his Omaze charitable campaign in celebration of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck recently decided to hide in a Batmobile on display at Hollywood’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour to greet unsuspecting fans. However, he was in for a surprise of his own when he learned that everyone on the tour was Team Superman (and presumably more interested in meeting the Man of Steel instead). Womp womp. 

“See, Superman doesn’t even have a cool car,” Affleck argued after popping out of the Caped Crusader’s famous vehicle. “And look, I got like eight of these cars.”

In fact, some people didn’t even recognize who was in the Batmobile at first.

“Oh, you’re Batman?” one man, after calling Affleck “Superman,” asked while shaking the Oscar winner’s hand for a photo.

“Come on, man! Batman!” Affleck, with an almost desperate tinge of yearning for acceptance in his voice, explained. “Who do you think is in this car? Does this look like Superman’s car to you?”

For those who do want to hang out with Affleck, the actor and the rest of his Dawn of Justice co-stars are now offering fans the chance to win the ultimate meet-and-greet experience with Omaze, including a helicopter tour with Henry Cavill and a chance to photobomb the cast with Jesse Eisenberg.