How Courtney Stodden’s Mom Fell in Love with Doug Hutchison

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All’s not well inCourtney Stodden‘s home.

As the reality star, who rose to fame in 2011 after marrying Doug Hutchison at the age of 16, prepares to celebrate her 5th wedding anniversary, she’s also dealing with her own mother’s “inappropriate” feelings toward her son-in-law. According to Stodden, mom Krista Keller actually fell in love with Hutchison after she moved next door to the couple.

Ahead of the premiere of Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, where Stodden and Keller will work out their differences with the help Dr. Debbie Magids, the 21-year-old opened up to Celebuzz about her mother allegedly sabotaging their family.

“My mom and I were estranged,” Stodden said of her relationship with Keller prior to appearing on he series. “We weren’t speaking for almost a year. We hadn’t seen each other. We hadn’t talked. We were finally reunited for the first time on the show so it was quite dramatic. It was a really rocky relationship before this show and on this show.”

Explaining that she had been close with her mom for most of her life, Stodden claimed things started to change when Keller hit a rough patch in her own marriage. Keller and Stodden’s dad are now divorced.

“My mom wasn’t very happy in her relationship with my father at the time. I feel like she was left very vulnerable,” she said. “She was close to me and she would say, ‘What my daughter feels, I feel.’ I feel like she started to feel the love that I have for my husband and I think, in her mind, there were some boundaries beginning to get crossed and she began to fall in love with him as well.”

“She was just very vulnerable and had these feelings for my husband,” she continued, noting, “My husband wasn’t the first. I’ve had past relationships where she kinda felt she had feelings for past boyfriends.”

Though Stodden insisted Keller’s behavior has never “threatened” her marriage with Hutchison, she admitted the awkward circumstances played a part in their eventual estrangement. In 2012, Keller revealed she wouldn’t mind being with a man like Hutchinson, openly confessing on VH1’s Couples Therapy, “Any woman would love the qualities that man has. He is a fabulous man.”

It was definitely threatening my relationship with my mother because I really trust my mom,” Stodden explained. “It’s just that she kinda started to live through me and I feel like it was threatening the relationship between my mom and I. With Doug, she just really, really crossed—attempted to cross—inappropriate boundaries.”

She added, “I just felt really bad for Doug because I was aware of it as it was happening. It was hard for me as a daughter to even consider a mom would attempt to sabotage her relationship like that. It was definitely a struggle.”

Stodden noticed a change in Hutchison’s behavior throughout the situation as well, saying her husband had become “very angry” with Keller when she would start to act on her feelings. However, she also maintained that her brief 2013 split with Hutchison was not caused by her mother, but “110 percent to do” to do with her age and wanting to “be free and spread my wings and have fun and party.”

He was just really, really mad. He was very angry because he had never been put in a position like that. He knew how much I love my mom and how much I trusted my mom,” Stodden told us about Hutchison. “It was really awful and Doug was just very angry with her. I’m not going to lie: He still is. He’s just very mad at her because she attempted to sabotage a lot — not only my marriage, but other elements in my life as well. It was just a really hard time.”

When I turn my back, she’d kinda try to reach out for Doug. Different things like that. Doug would be like, ‘There she goes again!'” she said of Keller’s actions. “When Doug was telling me, I didn’t believe it ’cause I trusted her. He was never affectionate with her but, in her mind, she was just—I don’t want to say delusional—really vulnerable.”

Subsequently, Stodden and Keller’s business relationship fell apart. In 2015, Keller quit as Stodden’s manager — a move that Stodden herself pushed for in an attempt to salvage their relationship.

“Lines were never drawn in any aspect of the relationship I had with my mom. Regarding the relationship I had with my mom when she was my manager, I feel [it] really played a huge role in the separation between her and I,” she said. “It seemed like all that she cared about was fame. That’s all that kinda became her priority. I felt like it was becoming a priority over my relationship with her as her daughter.”

She continued to explain, “That was the reason why I asked her to resign because I didn’t want our relationship to be sacrificed for Hollywood. That really angered her when I asked her to step down, and that was when she really started going off in the press and giving interviews kinda slamming my life.”

Despite Stodden opening up communication with Keller after reuniting on her new show, she acknowledged things between them aren’t picture perfect yet.

“Well,” she coyly said with a laugh, “let’s just say it’s ongoing.”

“The Mother/Daughter Experiment:Celebrity Edition” premieres on Lifetime March 1 at 10 PM.