The Kardashian Report: Khloe Kardashian Thinks OJ Simpson Trial Killed Her Father and More News

Khloé Kardashian points out an interesting theory about her father’s death from throat cancer.

So much Kardashian news, so little time…

Khloé explained to her guests in a new Kocktails with Khloe bonus clip that she thought the OJ Simpson trial contributed to her father’s passing in 2003:

No matter what my dad did or didn’t know [about the trial], my dad never ever would betray his friend’s trust, and he never spoke about it. My dad also died of throat cancer, which does not run in our family. My dad doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink. I think just holding in secrets — stress kills you…you manifest things, I don’t know, I’m into symbolic situations.

In another bonus clip (see video below), Khloé discussed the poor treatment her family used to receive from the public after the trial had ended:

Kim Kardashian hosted a VIP The Brothers Grimsby movie night with Sasha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and Courteney Cox. Kanye West was also on hand has was Kris Jenner and her bae Corey Gamble. It looks as if Kardashian and Cohen have made up since he took a shot at her while speaking to Celebuzz a few years ago.

“Kim Kardashian, I know her very well,’he told Celebuzz. ‘She came over to my palace. I paid her mother [Kris] $400,000 Euros for one night with her. Normally, you negotiate with an agent or a pimp but with the Kardashians, you negotiate with the mother, he said. [Kim] is so hairy that when I removed her underpants, I thought I was staring in the mirror.”

Deciding on a first photo to publish of Saint West caused a few arguments between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The couple reportedly set up four photo shoots before deciding on a final photo. With Kanye considering himself “the creative director” of the shoot, he wanted their son to be dressed in designer gear and shot by a professional photographer whereas Kim wanted to keep thing simple. [Yahoo]


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