‘Making a Murderer’ May Be Getting a Second Season

Steven Avery Speaks Out From Prison
The 'Making a Murderer' subject believes the real killer is still out there.

Prepare for more binge-watching.

The filmmakers behind the hugely popular Making a Murderer have taken the preliminary steps to make new installments for Netflix’s documentary series about Steven Avery, a man who has been convicted of killing photographer Teresa Halbach following an earlier wrongful 18-year imprisonment for a crime he did not commit.

During a Stranger Than Fiction panel discussion at New York’s IFC Center on last Thursday (Feb. 25, 2016), directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos revealed they have spoken to Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, about continuing to document Avery’s story and his struggle to find justice for a murder he insists he did not commit.

“From our perspective this story is obviously not over,” Ricciardi said [via Variety]. “It’s real life and [Avery’s and nephew Brendan Dassey’s] cases are both still pending. We have no idea when the magistrate will make a decision in Brendan’s case. We do know that two potential outcomes are that the judge could order Brendan’s release or he could order a new trial. So we are on the edge of seats about that. To the extent that there are significant developments, we would like to continue documenting this.”

However, the filmmakers do foresee difficulties in getting access again given that many Manitowoc County residents are said to be unhappy with how Wisconsin was portrayed on the show.

“There is a lot of hostility toward these two women in Wisconsin,” panelist and Avery’s civil lawyer, Stephen M. Glynn, said. “The theory is that have played Wisconsin unfairly. But among those people who think and are a little more educated and thoughtful about these sorts of issues, there is appreciation.”

Making a Murderer centered around the judicial process and alleged mishandling of Avery’s 2005 conviction. After its premiere, the 10-part docu-series gained so much attention that President Barack Obama had make a statement about the case and respond to a petition to pardon Avery.

“I’ve never really dealt with the press before except in the context of making the film,” Ricciardi said. “So to be the subject is different, but we are grateful that people have watched and engaged with the series because we made it to promote a dialogue. I can’t keep up with all the headlines and the tweets and I certainly can’t engage with all of it. The series has in many ways taken on a life of its own.”

Since Making a Murderer’s release, Avery’s former fiancée, Jodi Stachowski, revealed she believes her ex is guilty of murder. Meanwhile, Avery’s other ex-fiancée, Sandy Greenman, said he is innocent.

Avery is currently serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. He continues to maintain his innocence, recently writing in a letter to the press, “The real killer is still out there. Who is he stalking now? I am really innocent of this case and that is the truth!!! The truth will set me free!!!!!!!”